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Sunday marked the last day for four of the eight Walmart stores in Chicago: three neighborhood markets and one Supercenter. Host: Mary Dixon; Reporter: Michael Puente
Chicago is a food writer’s delicious playground, and a new guide book aims to point you to all the best dishes created in the city. Reset learns more about those dishes, where to find them and the origin stories that started them all. GUESTS: Monica Eng, author of Made in Chicago and Chicago reporter for AXIOS David Hammond, author of Made in Chicago and Chicago food writer
Responders have not identified actual threats as a result of these fake active shooter reports. But Illinois State Police say these so-called “swatting” incidents are targeting schools throughout the U.S. Reset digs into why these threats are happening and how schools are responding. GUEST: Sophie Sherry, Chicago Sun-Times wire reporter
Chicago beat out Atlanta and New York to host next summer’s political convention.
Johnson has vowed to create trauma centers, add 200 detectives and respond to 911 calls with mental health workers instead of cops.
The city released its plans for staging the two-day racing and music festival in July.
Chicago State University professors are on strike after nearly a year of failed negotiations with administrators.
WBEZ speaks with Johnson about the whirlwind of the past 24 hours, how he will try to reduce crime in the city, and how he’ll select his administration. Host: Melba Lara; Reporters: Mariah Woelfel and Lauren Frost
Chicago voters chose Brandon Johnson as the city’s new mayor Tuesday night, on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s death.