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Nerdette's Finest: Roxane Gay

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Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay is a novelist and short story writer. Her previous books include Bad Feminist, Difficult Women and An Untamed State. She teaches English at Purdue University. (Jay Grabiec/HarperCollins)

Nerdette has been around for FIVE YEARS! And we're celebrating our birthday by showcasing some of our favorite parts of our favorite episodes. 

Did you know that writer Roxane Gay has a fascination with Channing Tatum's neck? You're about to! Because this special episode is from our 2017 interview with the amazing author of Difficult Women. Roxane Gay also tells us about her love of Thor, her co-authoring of a little Marvel comic called Black Panther, and how she never reads anybody's Goodreads reviews of her work.  

Real talk: these five years of Nerdette have been made possible by you.  You're a part of the team. And we're asking you to support the future of Nerdette. As a thank you for donating, you'll get some fun gifts! Like mugs, sweatbands, buttons, and even Lady Nerds of History posters. Read about what you can get (and donate!) here:


(And if you want to hear our full interview with Roxane Gay, check it out here.)

This special rebroadcast was produced by Stefania Gomez.

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