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Nerdette’s Finest: Negin Farsad

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Negin Farsad

Comedian Negin Farsad has a TED talk called “A Highly Scientific Taxonomy of Haters,” which fights bigotry with social commentary and PowerPoint slides.

Photo by Ryan Lash

If you’re looking for a way to combat the online trolls and bots fomenting unrest in the U.S., comedian Negin Farsad might have a solution for you.

It’s a philosophy she calls “Being aggressively delightful.” You might think that sounds exhausting, but Farsad says not so!

“I also think rage is exhausting,” she told us in February 2018. “I might think rage is more exhausting than trying to be friends with people.”

It’s genius I tell you!

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(And if you want to hear the full version of our interview with Negin Farsad, check it out here.)

This special rebroadcast was produced by Stefania Gomez.

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