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The Argument For Religion... Even If You're Not Religious

Organized religion, from Catholicism to Islam, is facing tough times. Whether it’s being used as a political weapon, a perch to abuse power or to justify aggression and intolerance, religion — especially in the U.S. — is seen as a hostile force. Chicago author and Columbia College philosophy professor Stephen Asma has always been skeptical of religion. But in his new book, "Why We Need Religion", Asma argues that even though many view religion as irrational, that irrationality may be its source of positive power. He also posits that religion, unlike science, has and continues to help humans manage a range of emotions such as rage and sorrow.

GUEST: Stephen Asma, professor of philosophy at Columbia College


What Religion Gives Us (That Science Can’t) (New York Times 6/3/18)

Religion as therapy: Stephen Asma doesn’t care whether it’s true as long as it makes us feel better (Why Evolution is True, 6/18)

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