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Breaking down the Bears with my public radio co-workers (and other random observations from Bears vs. Falcons)

SHARE Breaking down the Bears with my public radio co-workers (and other random observations from Bears vs. Falcons)
Breaking down the Bears with my public radio co-workers (and other random observations from Bears vs. Falcons)

That was a nice day yesterday, wasn’t it? The Chicago Bears kicked off their 2011/12 season with a huge statement win, 30-12 against last year’s NFC #1 seed.

As I said last week, this town (and quite possibly NFL nation) will be shouting “Super Bowl, Super Bears” if the team wins their first three games. After opening day, I have a good feeling we might get our emotion on.

Thanks for coming back to this blog. I know you have a lot of choices for next morning blog breakdowns, so I’m glad you came back. And like the NFL pre-game shows, I need to evolve. Each year, they bring a new segment to the pre/post to keep you engaged. This year, the Fox robot has new eyes. But for me? I thought I would forgo the weather hottie or the fat comedian and bring you a new video segment. It’s called Breaking it Down...with My Public Radio Co-Workers:

I smell viral!!!!!

Here are some random observations from yesterday’s game:

  • Hey Falcons: No talking during the anthem. The camera caught them talking during Jim Cornelison’s rousing anthem. That means I have to cut Tony Gonzalez from my fantasy team. Sorry, but I set my lineups out of pride and honor. You sir, have been dishonorably discharged (at least on the one team I have with TE depth. The other? He can stay one more week and redeem himself.) Aside: Do the Blackhawks loan out Cornelison or is he just going to be the Bears anthem guy too?
  • There were so many “10 years later” memories yesterday (rightly so), but I forgot that the Bears had that miraculous season in 2001. Remember, they beat the heavily favored Minnesota Vikings the game after 9/11? And then they went on to take our breath away by ballhawkin’ all over the field and pulling games out of their behinds (til they played good teams). Well, 10 years later, this defense is ballhawkin’ again. I wrote a kick-butt rap song back in 2001 to honor that team. I am going to produce that song this year. I have to find the lyrics, but I know I rhymed old man with Warrick Holdman.
  • Gosh, that Verizon “liberty” commercial was pretty terrible. I get it that all commercials had to be about 9/11. But that one was pretty crappy. And I’m all about lovin’ on De Niro, but he has a movie coming out, right? You know the famous saying, “tragedy anniversaries are good for cross promotion.” Isn’t that a saying? And so much for Briggs’ special shoes and gloves. He wasn’t the only one in the league. I saw a few Reebok clients being all patriotic. Give me a break.
  • Is no-huddle the way to beat the Bears defense? Atlanta went to a hurry up offense for most of the game. Was it to limit substitutions? Was it to capitalize on one package defense (DJ Moore on the field during most of game) Or was it to keep Urlacher/Peppers/Briggs winded due to lack of conditioning (lockout)? It obviously didn’t work since the high-powered Atlanta offense put up 6 points. But still, is this what we will see from other offenses this season? If so, why the Bears defense? What is it they do that makes offensive coordinators want to do this? As a fan, I don’t like it. I need time between plays to explain to the wifey what the safety was doing on the previous play.
  • Best tag line for an upcoming movie: “Human boxing is dead...”
  • You know what this game reminded me of? It was eerily similar to the beatdown we put on Favre and the Packers the 2006 Super Bowl season. Throwing the ball around, making plays and letting the defense just tee off. I liked that team. Remember the next five or six games? The 2011 Bears team is better.
  • All the Bears playmakers made plays yesterday. Well, all but Lance Briggs. Seriously, if you look at all the skill positions and big money guys on the field, they all contributed. Cutler, Forte, Hester, Urlacher and Peppers. You can’t go wrong with that.
  • Who do you think the best defender in the NFC North is? Urlacher, Peppers, Allen, Suh, or Clay Matthews? I put my money on Peppers.
  • My brother has a new t-shirt idea: “You are ‘Melton’ my heart.” Add that to my “Wouldn’t You Want to Be a Peppers Too?” and we can open our own t-shirt deli.
  • It seems to me that the offensive line held up today. Like I said before - beat media loved Olin Kreutz. Fans didn’t. Is it sheer coincidence that the blitz happy Falcons never really had a linebacker or safety come clean and smack Cutler? He got hit a couple times but it was mostly from defensive lineman or rushing linebackers. Just sayin’. Maybe Garza is seeing what Kreutz didn’t. But we’ll miss Kreutz’s leadership. (sarcasm alert!)
  • Best play of day: For hard core Bears fans, it was when Roy Williams went up and corralled a 14 yard slant in front of the corner on a third and seven. That’s what the team has been missing. If he can do that and not hurt himself running (and not being touched), we are in business. And when Marion Barber comes back healthy? This might be a top 5 offense. Did you hear me? Top 5 baby.

The Good:

Julius Peppers. This dude was around the ball and making plays all game. He forces so many plays.
Brian Urlacher: Did you see that interception? Not one Bear WR could have made that play.
Matt Forte: Pay him.
Jay Cutler: He is the QB we never had. Never.
Roy Williams: Didn’t drop a pass.
Devin Hester: At least a play, every game.
Charles Tillman: This dude packs heat. And he breaks up slant patterns. Nice.
Corey Graham: This dude was making big hits every time down on special teams.

The Bad:

Clock management: We were blowing them out, but we had no timeouts with 11 minutes left in the 4th.
Bears number management: Hey, I’m sure Spaeth is good, but he’s not #89 good. That’s Ditka. Retire it.

So that’s it. On to the next game against the Saints. If the Bears don’t get hurt, mark my words. Super Bowl. Super Bears.