Fifth House Ensemble combine music with social media

Fifth House Ensemble combine music with social media

Less than a decade ago, social media forms like Facebook, Twitter and others were non-existent. Yet today, they’re as ubiquitous as, say, music in our lives. Both music and social media serve as narrative forms, in many senses. And, each often play a role in our own individual (and group) narratives. We use them both to help tell the stories of our lives.

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Chicago chamber group Fifth House Ensemble (5HE) brings together these forces in their latest series, In Transit. The multi-media series takes place in four stories, each uniquely identified by its respective hashtag: #undercoverhero, #thisrocks, #wink, #iwitness.

For #wink, the latest story in the series, 5HE merges mostly mid-century classical music with the drudgery of online dating to tell the tale of a lawyer who seemingly has all aspects of her life in order, but for a partner to share it with.

Members of Fifth House Ensemble join Afternoon Shift’s Steve Edwards to talk about In Transit, and to perform excerpts from “#wink,” the third story in the 4-part series.