Joe DeCeault

Senior Podcast Producer
Joe DeCeault is an award-winning producer and senior producer of podcasts for WBEZ.

Joe started at WBEZ in 2002 as a volunteer, then as an intern.  Following that, he produced music shows, talk programming segments and weekend specials.  He produced music and art segments, and worked with contributors for our former morning show, Eight Forty-Eight.  Later, he worked on our midday talk programs, The Morning Shift and The Afternoon Shift, where he produced live music, film, technology and culture segments.  Joe also provides production and editorial assistance to Filmspotting, a radio version of the popular weekly film discussion podcast that airs Friday and Saturday nights on WBEZ. Prior to joining WBEZ, Joe was station manager and music director at Triton College’s radio station, WRRG 88.9 FM, where he also taught radio.

Stories by Joe DeCeault