Financial Fast - Day 15: Undone by a parking ticket

Financial Fast - Day 15: Undone by a parking ticket

I’m continuing to breeze through the 21-day financial fast. Due to popular opinion, I decided not to pay for court time at my tennis club. Last Friday I played at Midtown for a free event and on Sunday used the complimentary practice lanes. One of the employees suggested that I play during matinee time, but I have this little weekday thing called a job. Let’s hope my brief hiatus doesn’t thwart my tennis babe plans.

I was starting to feel really smug about not spending money. A few friends have treated me to glasses of wine - including Web Editor Justin Kaufmann last night. A group of journos toasted at Theory and when I returned to my car, there was a ticket. So much for my avoid paying for parking during this fast. Yes, it was my fault. Seven minutes.

People often ask how much money I save during the fast. For me, the exercise is about curbing consumption and there’s no price tag attached. However, I feel like I’ve gotten ahead of myself this month with bills. I don’t currently owe anything to my car insurance but I paid down the bill anyway. Same for homeowner’s insurance. I broke my fancy phone in December and my deductible is $100. It’s tacked to my Sprint bill; instead of paying it off slowly, I wrote a full check. I got rid of HBO and am trying to change my home phone plan. Oh, ComEd is now a zero balance.

I continue to cook at home and have had friends over for dinner. Still smarting over how a single person spends $113 at the grocery store, and I don’t even shop here.

I guess I’ll pay the parking ticket right away.