GoT 8.1: Winterfell

Game of Throne
We love family reunions too! Helen Sloan / HBO
Game of Throne
We love family reunions too! Helen Sloan / HBO

GoT 8.1: Winterfell

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Game of Thrones has returned with reckless abandon! 

Well, maybe not reckless abandon … nobody you know and love died. (Yet.)

But whew! A ton of stuff went down: Sansa and Dany exchanged neverending side-eye, Jon got some insight into his family tree and — in what will certainly lead to endless nightmares amongst the wider populace — the piercing scream of a spiralized child-zombie-demon scared the ever-loving hot pie out of everyone. 

The Nerdette crew of Greta Johnsen and Tricia Bobeda joined Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!’s Peter Sagal to recap the Season 8 premiere. 

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And thanks to the kind folks at HBO and Chicago’s Music Box Theatre, who helped the Nerdette crew watch the premiere live with hundreds of our fellow nerds. We salute you!

What would you ask Gendry to forge for you?

“A bundt pan, because one must eat well before battle.”

Greta Johnsen, Wildling AF

“Well, as a former high school track and field thrower, I could do some damage with a dragonglass discus. ”

Tricia Bobeda, Samwell Tarly at heart

“I’m all set, forged weapon wise, but I did some research and looked carefully at Arya’s drawing and I’m pretty sure this is what he’s making for her.”

Peter Sagal, aspiring pirate