GoT 7.4: The Spoils Of War

Game Of Thrones
Photo courtesy of HBO
Game Of Thrones
Photo courtesy of HBO

GoT 7.4: The Spoils Of War

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The only thing that could have made the final scene of this week’s Game of Thrones better is if Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” started playing (but covered by Ed Sheeran). 

In episode four’s “The Spoils of War,” we get one of the most heavy metal scenes with Dany charging into Jaime’s army while riding on top of one of her dragons. So for this week’s recap, we asked Tricia, Greta, and Peter what song they’d listen to while riding a dragon into battle (see below). The trio also weighs in on Bran’s peak awkwardness, Jon Snow’s walking tour of the caves of Dragonstone, Arya’s return to Winterfell, and how exactly Dany and her army got to mainland Westeros so quickly. 

They also answer some listener feedback. “We got a lot of drunk voicemails this time,” Tricia says. “Please keep calling us in whatever state you are after the show.”

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What song would you listen to while riding a dragon into battle?

“Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off.‘”

Greta Johnsen, nap enthusiast

“‘You Gotta Get A Gimmick’ from Gypsy.”

Tricia Bobeda, half-elf wizard librarian

“‘Afternoon Delight.‘”

Peter Sagal, speaks in a Littlefinger voice when implying closeness and affection

Here are some recap highlights, and yes, if you listen to the podcast, there are brand-spanking new transitions.

On Bran being a third-eyed weirdo

Peter: There was a lot of conversation in this episode about how weird Bran is.

Tricia: Poor Meera.

Greta: Oh man, that was brutal.

(Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO)

Peter: In fact, he was so pointedly weird and disconnected and un-human that there was a moment at the end of the scene where she walks out and he turns his head to look away from the door, and because I couldn’t quite tell where he was situated in that wheelchair, I honestly thought the scene ended with him doing a 360 head thing, like from The Exorcist. I was like, “Alright, they’re really indicating he’s gone over an edge.”

And that’s maybe why Bran isn’t telling people all the important things he knows. Why isn’t Bran saying, “Hey by the way, the guy we thought is our brother? No!” And all the things he knows that he could tell everybody right now to their advantage, he’s not saying.

And maybe they’re explaining why he hasn’t done that and why he won’t do it in the future. Why there’s going to come a moment when he knows something that could help everybody out — or more to the point, “Hey Bran, could you warg into a bird and fly over the Wall and tell us where the Night King’s army is?” And he’ll just be staring at the corner of the room and thinking about his comp-lit religious course at Oberlin.

Tricia: Because he’s stuck in some part of the past and not controlling which part of the past he’s in, maybe is a part of it. Although apparently the tree helps him sort of focus that energy, which is why we always see him near the tree but he’s not touching the tree.

Peter: The reason he likes to be near the tree is because the tree’s are part of a Westeros-wide intelligence network. They can connect with each other.

Greta: It’s like a really strong wireless signal.

On how Dany knew where to strike

(Courtesy of HBO)

Peter: What people know and what people don’t know is really variable on this show and it’s entirely dependent on what the plot needs. So for example, Daenerys somehow didn’t know that Euron had a fleet out there and ready to attack her, and she didn’t know where the Lannister army was. They were at Highgarden and not Casterly Rock. But she did apparently know that if she crossed over at this particular time with her Dothraki, she could find the Lannister army right there to make for this cool battle. And I’m just wondering about the intelligence services available to them. They seem spotty.

Greta: Their wireless isn’t as good down south.

Peter: They should hang out next to the tree where the hotspot is.

Listener voicemail

(Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO)

Hey, this is John from Naperville. Not that this would be a good idea for the show, but how fast do you think it’d take for Cersei to decide to turn into a White Walker if she had the option? She wouldn’t have to worry about a dynasty; she’d live forever.

Greta: I can see why you would like this voicemail, Tricia. This is perfect for your White Walker goals idea.

Tricia: White Walkers have goals. They have thoughts and feelings. We just don’t know about them yet.

Peter: They have vision journals.

Tricia: I think Cersei would love to be a White Walker.

Peter: But their clothing is not nearly up to her level. Long, stringy white hair? She wouldn’t be happy with that.

This conversation has been edited for brevity and clarity. Click the “play” button to listen to the entire conversation.