Lake Calumet Cluster Declared Superfund Site

Lake Calumet Cluster Declared Superfund Site

A long-time polluted area on Chicago’s Southeast side is in line to receive federal money to get cleaned up.

It’s called the Lake Calumet Cluster: An 87-acre dumping ground for industrial and chemical waste adjacent to precious wetlands.

A steel mill began using the site in the 1940s to dump slag, a byproduct of the steel-making process.

That stopped in the 1970s but contaminated soil and runoff water continue to plague the area. Clean up at the site has been ongoing since the ’80s.

This week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency declared the site a superfund.

The designation will bring federal funds to speed up the clean up process and help cap nearby landfills.

A second Illinois site near St. Louis has also been added to the superfund list.