LeClaire Courts Residents Brace for Changes

LeClaire Courts Residents Brace for Changes

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Residents in one Chicago public housing development could be moving out by next year.

LeClaire Courts is a complicated property. Half of the apartments are funded through the federal government.

The Chicago Housing Authority voted on Tuesday to end that contract to save money.

Robert Whitfield represents the umbrella public housing tenant council. He says some residents are ready to pack their bags.

WHITFIELD: The property is so deplorable, I mean, you would, too. And if there’s no money to fix it up right now, then you’d want to move, too. You wouldn’t want to stay there maybe another three, four years with not having money to fix it up.

Some of those families want to move into another public housing development.

Then there are residents who have different plans. They want the CHA to transfer those federal government apartments into a building where they could all live together.

As of now, CHA officials say residents will have to take vouchers to move into the private market.

I’m Natalie Moore, Chicago Public Radio.