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Global Notes: Reviving Greece's Contemporary Music Scene

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Tony Sarabia

Tony Sarabia

Jason Marck/WBEZ

In 2015, Greece became the first peace-time European country to ever default on an IMF loan. In the years before and after, the very notion of what it meant to be European and Greek was shaken. Greece experienced population loss, and for a short period, the state broadcaster--one of the only outlets for Greek culture--was forced to close. Amid the chaos, musician Nick Page released an album called Xaos. It was a 10 year long project in the making. The music is composed with traditional instruments as well as electronic wizardry. It certainly doesn’t sound what you might think of as “traditional” Greek music. Nick Page joins us to talk about the project and the state of modern Greek music and creativity under austerity, as does Tony Sarabia, host of Radio M and the Morning Shift on WBEZ.

This segment was previously aired in 2015.

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