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Global Activism: ‘House with Heart’ Moving Forward After Founder’s Death

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In this April 8, 2016 photo, Khendo Tamang, 8, stands near the debris of the collapsed home she was trapped in after the April 25, 2015 earthquake struck in Banskharka, Nepal. Khendo was in a packed house with her grandmother, sister and many other villagers discussing ways to alleviate their poverty. When the quake struck, the house collapsed, killing her grandmother and her sister and leaving Khendo with severe leg injuries

Niranjan Shrestha

In 2006, Colleen Boland was in her Cornell University office when, as she did every day at lunch, she tuned in to WBEZ’s live stream of Worldview. To her surprise, Host, Jerome McDonnell, introduced Colleen’s long-lost friend, Beverly Bronson, who was being featured on Worldview’s Global Activism series. Bronson was outlining the work of her new charity, Ghar Sita Mutu, which provides shelter and education for Nepalese orphans. After the interview, Colleen reconnected with Bronson, and quit her job to join the effort. Renamed House With Heart, the organization was deeply involved in orphan relief after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal that killed 9,000 people. Bronson tragically passed away in May 2018, after a brave cancer fight. Colleen now stands in the gap for her departed friend as the new chairperson of House With Heart. She joins Worldview to discuss Bronson’s legacy, House With Heart’s ongoing work, and how you can get into international charitable work.

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