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Achy Obejas

Following up on Sen. Mark Kirk, grocery options on the South Side and the fate of a favorite open mic night.
Many of us, even those of us who were never fully sold on Barack Obama, keep waiting for him to be the good guy we’d hoped for. But last week’s NSA scandal can’t be denied.
Then forget about keeping them out of the Pride parade or trash-talking Greg Harris. The way to screw them is pretty simple.
Who besides Gutierrez and Preckinckle did you think could challenge the mayor? Where, exactly, is Rubio on immigration? What’s happened in Venezuela since the Aprl elections? How many times hs the House repealed Obamacare? It’s all here.
When the mayor closed 50 schools, the teacher’s union—and many citizens—called for his head. But is there anyone out there who could take on Rahm Emanuel?
An 18 year-old in Florida faces felony charges for sex with her 14 year-old girlfriend. But what really happened here? And what are consequences – for both girls?
Three ugly incidents—a murder, a ruling, a persecution—remind us just exactly how vulnerable LGBTQ people are.
The IRS, the AP mess, Benghazi — the administration’s own careless arrogance has given the GOP a field day.
A report released last week by the Heritage Foundation was co-authored by a researcher who believes Hispanics and blacks are not as smart as Europeans and may complicate assimilation.
Last week, Assata Shakur was added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Terrorists List. But that move might say less about Shakur’s alleged crimes than about President Barack Obama and his willingness to to play geopolitics.
Both men became free agents in their respective sports recently, both making news, but that’s about where the similarity in their situations begin and end.
We live at a time when queer people have never been more ubiquitous in media and out in the world. But Jason Collins’ description of life in the NBA closet harkens back to a darker and lonelier time.
Finally given an opportunity to illustrate all their die warnings about the sequester’s draconian cuts, the Democrats wimp out and join the GOP to target alleviating hardships for the nation’s travelers. Never mind Head Start or any of the other programs being gutted and affecting poor people and children.
The real reason the GOP is pulling back on supporting immigration reform was first articulated by, of all people, Donald Trump: When it’s their turn, the new immigrants will vote overwhemingly Democratic, imperiling the future of the Republican Party.
The ambitious Cuban-American senator from Florida may have met his match in the ambitious Cuban-American senator from Texas. Which means immigration reform is probably doomed.
In response to so many condolences from folks in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other places in the world where what happened in Boston is not extraordinary.
Within hours, a public spreadsheet in Boston listed hundreds of volunteers willing to open their homes to complete strangers dislocated by the bombing of the city’s fabled marathon.
The campaign between Nicolás Maduro and Henrique Capriles has been an ardous hate fest. No matter who wins, the country will be left bitterly divided and full of resentment.