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Amanda Seitz

Mercy Hospital has identified two members of its staff killed in a shooting that left four dead, including the gunman and a CPD officer.
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s campaign said in a tweet that thousands of new jobs have been added and thousands of people are no longer living in poverty since the city required private businesses to increase the minimum wage paid to workers every year starting in 2015. Since the city ordinance took hold, Chicago’s hourly minimum wage for non-tipped adult employees increased from $8.25 to $12 . Next year, it goes up to $13. The minimum wage increase is likely to be a signature campaign issue for Emanuel, who faces at least 10 opponents in what is expected to be a tough re-election bid in 2019. He has been severely criticized for failing to curb the gun violence that plagues poor neighborhoods in Chicago and for his handling of police shootings of black men.