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American Friends Service Committee

Jack Gilroy discusses, The Predator, his play that is being used by groups around the country to explore issues related to drone warfare and the larger questions of the militarization of our society.
This program to mark the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003, includes a panel of speakers addressing the changing face of war. Abroad, the US’ increased use of drones for “targeted killings” in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, has resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians. Here in the US, deadly cuts continue to be imposed on domestic programs in order to fund the Pentagon’s excessive spending and line the pockets of wealthy corporations, such as Boeing. The fights for public education, housing, and healthcare are intricately tied to the fights against war and imperialism.
How the housing justice movement in Chicago is connected to the Palestinian struggle against displacement and home demolitions.
Robert Namain, the policy director for Just Foreign Policy, talks about his recent trip to Pakistan and the policy of targeted assassination and drone warfare.
Tamms Year Ten is a grassroots coalition formed in 2008 to persuade Illinois legislators and the governor to reform or close Tamms supermax prison. Tamms Year Ten asked the men housed at Tamms supermax prison—all of whom have been in isolation for years without human contact—to request a photograph of anything in the world, real or imagined.
Listen in as activists consider the U.S.’s use of solitary confinement. Through art and story, we look at three regionally diverse cases. Keynote speakers for this event are Robert King, activist and author, and Tessa Murphy from Amnesty International.
Dr. Terry Kupers, distinguished life fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, discusses the psychological damage of long-term isolation and explains how the practice constitutes a human rights abuse.
Rabbi Alissa Wise speaks about the role of faith communities in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Additional guests discuss initiatives taken this year by the Presbyterian, Methodist, Quaker, and Episcopal churches and the U.S. responses to the Kairos Palestine document, released by prominent Palestinian Christian leaders calling on churches to adopt BDS.
The Network for a NATO-Free Future presents “Vision and Campaigning for the Future,” featuring Kathy Kelly, Alejandro Villatoro, and Tania Unzueta.
As part of the Counter Summit for Peace and Economic Justice, the Network for A NATO-Free Future presents Suraia Sahar, Tom Hayden, and John Nichols.
As a part of the Counter-Summit for Peace & Economic Justice, the Network for A NATO-Free Future presents Vijay Prashad, Tobias Pflüger, Sarita Gupta, and William McNary.