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Andrew Limbong

According to the Hollywood Diversity Report from UCLA, films with casts that were less than 11% minority did worse at the box office than their more diverse counterparts.
A $3 million grant from the African American Cultural Heritage Fund is aimed at helping 40 landmarks across the country address repair, renovation, and other preservation needs.
Lollapalooza is back this summer, with proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test required for entry. With Pitchfork Festival and Riot Fest also returning, Chicago prepares for a loud reopening.
Qualified applicants can expect to see emergency relief money by the end of the month.
Some concert organizers are making plans to forge ahead cautiously this festival season, hoping that increased vaccination will make concerts safe and appealing.
“It was like a blown-out, glorified version of what was actually being said at that time,” the rapper says of the butt-positive single that inspired controversy, parody and some genuine gratitude.
Today, people use the antique wooden cabinets to store their knick-knacks. But these card catalogs once held the keys to a world of information. A new Library of Congress book explores their history.
Ligon, a co-founder of the influential group the Mighty Clouds of Joy, died Sunday. He was part of a movement toward contemporary gospel, which incorporated elements of R&B and pop.
With his brother Leonard, Chess championed iconic blues and rock ‘n’ roll artists like Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and Etta James. He died Wednesday.
The international ambassador for Louisiana roots music died early Saturday morning of lung cancer.
A retired corrections officer says he bought the painting from Doig in 1976, but Doig (now a famous artist) says that wasn’t him. So the retiree lawyered up and went to court.
Ian Kilmister — most known as Lemmy — has died from cancer at the age of 70. He was the founder, bassist and frontman for the influential metal band Motörhead.
In the classic movie Back to the Future Part II, Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly travels forward 30 years to Oct. 21, 2015. Is life like the movie predicted? Maybe. But was it ever supposed to be?