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April Fulton

It’s clear the next couple of seasons won’t be the “life as usual” we all hoped for. Rituals, deep breathing and reaching out to friends are just a few ways to manage anxiety when the days grow dark.
The man who police say killed 26 people in a small Texas church on Sunday had a record of domestic violence, making him sadly typical. Many suspects of mass shootings have similar histories.
If Republicans and Democrats work together to solve a few critical challenges in the health insurance market, it will stabilize, says Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Bernard Tyson.
The Republican proposal preserves popular items from Obama’s health law, including letting young adults stay on their parents’ plan until age 26. But it shrinks financial aid for low-income Americans.
An enterprise-minded ecologist from England is helping endangered brown-headed spider monkeys in Ecuador by connecting their preservation to high-end chocolate.