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Lots of Mexican bakeries can be found near one another in neighborhoods like Pilsen. So how do they stay in business?
The city’s top recipe sleuths share their secrets as we recreate a divine, but elusive, fried chicken dish.
300 Million people celebrate the holiday around the world.
Coming up on three years of the partnership, the chefs at Funeral Potatoes work out of a ghost kitchen in Logan Square and update their menu weekly on Instagram. Reset hears how the cooking duo keep it fun for themselves and nostalgically delicious for their customers. GUESTS: Alexis Thomas, executive chef and co-owner at Funeral Potatoes Eve Studnicka, executive chef and co-owner at Funeral Potatoes
Reset gets the latest and learns how one beloved Chicago breakfast spot is being affected by the high prices.
Morocco’s men’s soccer team made history this week when it faced the previous World Cup champions France. Reset hears from a local Moroccan restaurant about its cuisine and what it’s like to have the North African nation suddenly thrust into the global spotlight. GUEST: Yazan Al-Jadeed, owner of Kunafa Nabulsia
Traveling for the holidays can be a beast but it’s all worth it when you can see family and friends for dinner. Reset wants to get you to your destination in one piece with some handy tips. GUEST: Natalie Compton, travel reporter for the Washington Post
Thanksgiving is nearly here, and as you get ready for the big meal, we’re telling you all about our favorite new food spots to hit up when you’re hungry. Reset digs into local foodies’ new restaurant picks and we share our own. GUESTS: Nick Kindelsperger, food critic for the Chicago Tribune Steve Dolinsky, author and the NBC-5 food reporter