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Frank Langfitt

The European Commission president says she expects all 27 EU member states will accept visitors who’ve received COVID-19 vaccines, but the CDC is still warning against travel to much of Europe.
The deal is being criticized by both Britain’s Labour Party and by some in Prime Minister Theresa May’s own Conservative Party for threatening to trap the U.K. in the EU’s customs rules.
Some famous British musicians — George Michael, Rod Stewart, Ed Sheeran — started as buskers. So it’s no wonder hundreds of hopefuls are auditioning for a coveted license to play on London’s tube.
President Trump is imposing new restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba. Also, Democrats and Republicans faced each other in congressional baseball, and an update on the London fire investigation.
Political outsider Emmanuel Macron has come in top place in the first round of the election with around 24 percent of the vote. Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen trailed with 22 percent.
Macron was estimated to have won 23.7 percent of the vote with Le Pen taking about 21.7 percent, according to projections based on early vote counts.
Wednesday’s election may be political populism’s next big test. Geert Wilders’ right-wing Freedom Party has led in polls — until recently. Two political analysts put his political impact in context.
Most of the infrastructure dates to the end of World War II, and is either a jumble or in decay. The complex is riddled with asbestos. Renovation could force lawmakers to work elsewhere for years.
China tries to discredit the press and to convince citizens not to believe their own eyes. Trump’s White House seems to favor similar tactics, writes Frank Langfitt, NPR’s former China correspondent.
With the election over, we talk with NPR reporters in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America about what America’s new leadership means around the world.
“It’s overwhelming for me to see the huge amount of disenfranchised people who feel the government has failed them,” said one government worker who watched results roll in at the U.S. Embassy.
On his last day on the campaign trail, Donald Trump again drew parallels to the Brexit vote in the U.K. British voters say some comparisons are valid, but many expect a different outcome at the polls.
Sunday’s Jaguars vs. Colts game drew 84,000 fans to Wembley Stadium, and they spent as much as $600 apiece for tickets. How did an American sport find such devoted fans in the U.K.?
The inflight magazine for Air China warned visitors to London to take precaution in neighborhoods with a lot of Pakistanis, Indians and blacks. British politicians are calling the tip deeply racist.
The overwhelming majority of British young people voted to stay in the EU, but their voices didn’t carry the day in last week’s referendum. Big protests are planned for Trafalgar Square.
With its anti-immigrant rhetoric and talk of unfair trade, the pro-Brexit campaign shares themes with Donald Trump’s presidential run in the U.S.
A nocturnal journey with a pair of Americans who wrote Shanghai Nightscapes, a book covering the raucous past, the abrupt disappearance and the eventual rebirth of nightlife in the city.
Last summer, a Chinese-American woman contacted NPR’s Frank Langfitt with an unusual request: to help find her troubled sister, who’d vanished in southwest China. A difficult journey followed.