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Carrie Kahn

NPR fact-checked the president’s claims on Twitter that “caravans” of people are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border to take advantage of DACA, and that Mexico could stop the inflow.
President Trump is announcing a partial rollback of the Obama administration’s opening with Cuba. We look at how Cuba has changed since President Obama’s effort to mend U.S.-Cuban relations.
President Trump is imposing new restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba. Also, Democrats and Republicans faced each other in congressional baseball, and an update on the London fire investigation.
In January alone, 1,938 people were killed. Poor security, the proliferation of drug gangs, corruption and lack of opportunities are among the factors causing the violence.
The Mexican government does little to welcome home deportees from the U.S., but it will now pay U.S. lawyers millions to help its citizens fight deportation. Mass repatriation would cost much more.
Many Mexicans are angry over President Trump’s executive order to begin building a wall along the border. Some Mexican politicians are asking their president to cancel a planned meeting with Trump.
San Luis Potosi state lost out on more than a billion dollars in investment and thousands of jobs when Ford changed plans and nixed a factory. Angry locals pin the blame directly on Donald Trump.
Fidel Castro’s remains continue a cross-country, four-day tour of Cuba through a radically changed countryside. A military convoy is escorting the ex-leader’s ashes through towns and cities.
With the election over, we talk with NPR reporters in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America about what America’s new leadership means around the world.
Daniel Ortega is poised to extend his lengthy rule and has elevated his wife to his vice presidential running mate. Critics say he has eliminated all serious opposition.
After surviving the Nazi death camps, Wiesel advocated on behalf of victims of hate and persecution around the world. He died Saturday at the age of 87.
Mexico City has its worst smog in more than a decade. The government has ordered cars off the street one day a week, but city planners say that isn’t a long-term solution.
Mexico has reshuffled its top diplomats in the U.S. to counter what it says is rising anti-Mexican sentiment since Donald Trump detailed his plans to force Mexico to pay for a border wall.
The city of Ecatepec, Mexico, got a makeover just in time for the Pope Francis’ visit, which will undoubtedly show the schism between Francis’ progressive church and Mexico’s conservative hierarchy.
After decades of silence, Mayan Indian women come forward with stories of torture and rape during the Guatemalan civil war.
The economy is tanking as Haiti struggles over who will be the next president. One small businessman shares his experience under the administration of current President Michel Martelly.
For the fourth day in a row, protesters took to the streets of Haiti’s capitol demanding the resignation of the current president. Elections were postponed this weekend, and the electoral crisis has turned into a constitutional one.
Thousands of Cubans, fearing the U.S. will cease to grant them automatic residency, have fled the island. Long stuck in Costa Rica, they have now flown to El Salvador on the journey northward.