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Jessica Pupovac

Choices made in the wake of the violence set a foundation for the racial inequality the city continues to grapple with.
Long-brewing racial tensions came to a head one hot summer day, when a black boy was drowned near a whites-only beach.
Back in 2008, Mayor Richard M. Daley’s plan to make Chicago “the greenest city in America” by 2020 made national news. How’s that going?
Data from 15 states reveal that female inmates are disciplined at higher rates than men for smaller infractions of prison rules — often with harsh consequences.
Chicago once had a booming commercial fishing industry. Lawrence’s Fish and Shrimp is one of the last vestiges of that industry.
Even tiny amounts of lead in the water can cause IQ deficits in children or high blood pressure in adults.
Federal environmental regulations for lead in drinking water still leave room for concentrations high enough to pose a health hazard, critics say.