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Laura Wagner

The U.S. “has the highest rate of gun-related deaths among industrialized countries, with more than 30,000 fatalities annually,” the study says. Yet funding for gun violence research is limited.
Kelly’s decision to move to NBC, a network that President-elect Donald Trump and some conservative pundits have branded as “liberal,” isn’t a complete surprise.
George Washington began the tradition of the Presidential farewell address in 1796. President Obama will continue the tradition with a speech January 10th at Chicago’s McCormick Place.
Cards Against Humanity, maker of the game of the same name, celebrated Black Friday by digging a giant hole in the ground, funded by online donations. The company finished the dig on Sunday.
Jill Stein has demanded a recount in three states where the presidential election results were tight. Wisconsin has agreed and has until Dec. 13 to complete the recount.
Stein says she will demand a recount in three states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, and the deadline to file for a recount in Wisconsin is today.
Eight months after President Obama nominated Fanning to the position of Army secretary, the Senate confirmed the appointment.
The Republican said “most people had never heard of this issue” until recently. He also defended HB2, which requires transgender people to use public bathrooms that correspond with their sex at birth.
“One-hundred-thousand orbits, the journey continues,” NASA astronaut Jeffrey Williams said in a video from space.
The drugmaker was the “last remaining open-market source of drugs used in executions,” The New York Times reported. Other U.S. and European firms had already blocked drugs from use in executions.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced a renewal of a controversial operation aimed at detaining and deporting Central American immigrant families who crossed into the country illegally.
The fallout continues after the tech website Gizmodo published an article on Monday alleging that Facebook wasn’t just relying on algorithms to identify trending topics on the social media platform.
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Gov. Pat McCrory responded in a statement, saying, “We will be reviewing to determine the next steps.” The state has until Monday to respond.
This is the first time Google has worked directly with an automaker to integrate its self-driving technology into a passenger vehicle, the companies said in a joint statement.
To show that the water from Flint, Mich., is safe when filtered, the governor says he’ll be drinking it for the next 30 days at home and at work. The city has been grappling with lead contamination.
The challenges show religion is “on the minds of many people,” says Deborah Caldwell Stone of the American Library Association. Another reason people objected to books was explicit sexual content.
The openly gay gold-medal winner said the box “means so much more to me than it would have then because I feel like I’m being embraced as a whole person, not just for my athletic achievements.”