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Mara Liasson

After recovering from wounds suffered in World War II, Dole went on to represent Kansas in Congress for more than 30 years.
Biden is pledging “unity,” but the word means different things to different people. For Biden, it appears to be about tone, not necessarily direction.
President Trump leaves fault lines in the GOP over the Capitol insurrection and his second impeachment, on top of having lost the White House, House and Senate on Trump’s watch.
The last three presidents won reelection, not just on their past achievements, but with a vision of where they would take the nation in the future. So far, President Trump has been vague about that.
Trump said he will make the announcement Monday night at 9 p.m. at the White House. He is deciding between Judges Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett and Raymond Kethledge.
Some Democrats are calling for abolishing the law enforcement agency ICE. But the slogan raises more political issues than it answers.
The president implored his base voters not to get “complacent” in 2018, since the party in power usually loses big league in midterms. But Trump has already proven he can defy political gravity.
The president made it seem like he wanted to take a bipartisan approach right after the Florida school shooting. As of late, he’s spent more time with the NRA, and it’s beginning to show.
A Democrat had not been elected to the Senate from Alabama in a quarter century. It happened Tuesday night. Here’s what it all means.
The tax bill provided an opportunity for President Trump to show his priorities. But so much of it is traditionally Republican and doesn’t offer the kind of help for the working class he promised.
In contrast to the attack in Las Vegas, President Trump has not wasted any time in advocating policy changes in the wake of the New York attack.
The president seems intent on keeping everyone on their toes, but it’s not at all clear that there’s a strategy behind it all.
Some Republicans have defended President Trump against accusations related to an FBI investigation by saying he’s naive in the ways of Washington. But Trump himself has shown knowledge of the process.
More than 190 Democrats in Congress are suing President Trump over foreign payments to his businesses. Also, a look at the future of the Republican health care plan, and white phosphorous use in Iraq.
President Trump returns to the U.S. late Saturday. Here’s a look at key moments and key issues during his weeklong trip overseas to the Middle East and Europe.
Donald Trump is a man who’s made a life out of branding. But as president, the brand is muddled — is he a protectionist looking out for the little guy or has he gone “mainstream”?
The new president is finding out that things happen, and the world’s greatest superpower has to respond.
The high court will be even more polarized as future nominees become more ideologically extreme. The Senate will also be changed, as will faith in U.S. democratic institutions in general.