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Propublica Illinois

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed legislation Friday that eliminates driver’s license suspensions for parking tickets throughout the state. The legislation was passed last October by Illinois lawmakers and will also end driver’s license suspensions for debt from non-moving violations, including parking and vehicle compliance tickets. Drivers could still get their licenses suspended for unpaid red-light and speed camera tickets.
The measure must still be signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who has been critical of how ticket debt harms Chicago motorists.
Attention, Chicago motorists: You have until Oct. 31 to buy a city sticker and then qualify for a new debt forgiveness program.
The mayor also wants to reduce the max fee for not having a valid city sticker and give drivers with a boot an extra day to pay their fines.
Compulsive gamblers say they need much more help, and state officials are promising a big increase in funding for addiction services.
The gambling industry has made inroads into the Illinois legislature, which is poised to consider a tax increase on video poker and slots.
Seven weeks after the city pledged to address the issue, drivers are still on the hook -- and now Chicago’s ticketing practices are becoming an issue in the mayor’s race.