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Robert Wildeboer

They say Vicente Zambada Niebla’s cooperation led to charges against dozens of traffickers, including Mexico’s most powerful drug boss.
Candidates challenging Chicago police union leaders are promising a tougher approach to contract negotiations — and the media.
The city agency that investigates police shootings is recommending an officer be fired, just one week after he was promoted to train new officers. The Independent Police Review Authority said officer Raoul Mosqueda lied about a 2011 shooting he was involved in that led to the death of Darius Pinex.
Patrick Harlan is a republican running for congress. He’s from Knox County, one of Illinois’ smaller counties. Illinois law requires only the state’s largest counties to offer voter registration at polling places on election day. Harlan argues that policy unfairly favors democrats because they tend to dominate larger counties. He’s suing the Illinois State Board of Elections to put an end to election-day voter registration. Robert Wildeboer reports.
The 15-month sentence handed down to former US House Speaker Dennis Hastert put some surprise into a plea bargaining system that doesn’t like surprises. WBEZ’s Robert Wildeboer explains.
Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert is not charged with sexual abuse, but it’s those allegations that may land him in prison. The allegations are fair game for the judge to consider at sentencing. Judges consider both mitigating and aggravating factors. The judge could decide the abuse merits some prison time for Hastert, or he could increase the length of the sentence based on aggravating factors. There’s nothing in the charges about sexual abuse because too much time has passed.
Listen to a sampling of the budget hearing comments that don’t make headlines.
8,000 Chicago police officers are now a little friendlier, a little more relaxed and a little healthier.
The Chicago Teachers Union strike has forced parents to get creative about childcare options.
Ali Ata, a former official in the Blagojevich administration, was sentenced to probation on Tuesday by a federal judge.