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Steve Edwards

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Few American writers have been as widely read by so many Americans as Ray Bradbury. We convene a panel of authors to talk about the Bradbury legacy and the new book Shadow Show, a collection of short stories inspired by Bradbury.
While Chicago is known as a great city for sailing and the home of the legendary Chicago-to-Mackinac Race, it lacks the international profile of such U.S. cities as San Diego or Newport, Rhode Island. That may change with the Chicago Match Race Center.
The reach has extended all the way to Capitol Hill, where 26 senators are pushing the EPA to enact tougher restrictions on the chemicals.
Redmoon Theater is set to launch Urban Interventions, which is part of the company’s effort to invade public spaces, bringing performance out of the theater and into the community. The Redmoon is known for mixing the traditions of theater, puppetry, circus arts and performance art into large-scale spectacle performances.
The CSO’s composer-in-residence combines classical music with electronic dance music.
Studs would’ve turned 100 years old on Wednesday, and across Chicago and in communities far beyond, people are marking the occasion with tributes and remembrances.
In our youth-obsessed culture, aging is among the things we’re taught to fear at all cost. But novelist and journalist Anna Quidlen believes in another truth: Aging is not only inevitable, it’s enjoyable.
Managing the challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities, Robin Hambleton argues, requres a shift from government to governance. And he says the leaders who can effectively bring together public, private, civic, community and corporate entities to common solutions will have a leg up.