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Tim Akimoff

What happens to your Facebook when you die? Today our music, pictures, books, movies, financial information and medical records are digital, and managing property has become exceedingly complex.
Chicago Public Radio and host Ira Glass announced the radio show will self-distribute, moving from Public Radio International to Public Radio Exchange.
Where did zombie lore come from? Modern zombies, the (slow) walking dead that feast on human flesh, have their origins in the vampires of yesterday, but a copyright error may have created the zombie as we know him today.
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Chicago’s influence on the career of writer Ernest Hemingway is bigger than most people know. He spent much of his career writing back home to a Chicago audience.
Digital sabbaths are gaining popularity as people seek balance in a technological world.
Google Reader was shut down, but smartphones and social media might be the best news readers anyway.
Tim Akimoff visits the Community Veterans Memorial Park in Munster, Indiana for Memorial Day weekend.
There are two Maywoods in Illinois. One is a 2.72 square-mile small town nine miles west of downtown Chicago that has produced a circus of raw talent ranging from NBA players to activists, folk singers and Emmy award winning actors. The other is a Chicago suburb with a little less than 25,000 people struggling with crime, blight, housing issues, poverty, changing demographics and identity.
Twenty-one years ago the town square in Woodstock, Illinois was just another idyllic little red cobble-stoned street surrounded by quaint shops and historic buildings. Then Groundhog Day happened.
The term “Big Data” has become a verifiable buzz term, rising to prominence in 2012 and set to achieve quasar status in 2013.
Chicago-born Internet activist Aaron Swartz took his own life in his New York City apartment on Friday.
Kip Kinkle had been in the youth holding facilty for a few years at this point, and like mass shootings tend to do, the Thurston High shooting had faded from public consciousness by this time.
Rolling to a stop in Palos Heights after driving across multiple countries, mountain ranges, plains and rivers.