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Film profiles interrupters of street violence

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Film profiles interrupters of street violence

CeaseFire’s Interruptors attempt to prevent violence at the street-level.

Photo courtesy of Kartemquin Films

Quelling violence on the streets is not just about guns; even petty arguments can push people over the edge. So, some local people, such as CeaseFire’s violence interruptors, insert themselves into the midst of altercations to prevent dangerous reactions. Filmmaker Steve James and writer Alex Kotlowitz profiled three such persons in their new film The Interrupters. The film follows Ameena Matthews, Cobe Williams and Eddie Bocanegra at work.

The Interrupters begins screening next week at the Gene Siskel Film Center, and Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz will be at some of the screenings.

Eight Forty-Eight's Alison Cuddy spoke with interrupter Ameena Matthews earlier this spring.

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