Milos Stehlik Talks With Filmmaker Ferenc Török

Milos Stehlik Talks With Filmmaker Ferenc Török

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The Holocaust has played out in film on many prominent occasions. But what we don’t always see is what happened right after the Nazis retreated from occupied countries. A new black-and-white film from acclaimed Hungarian Filmmaker Ferenc Török looks at how a small Hungarian village dealt with Nazi collaborators, and how others tried to forget their role in deporting the Jews.

WBEZ Film Contributor and director at Facets Chicago, Milos Stehlik, interviews the world’s great filmmakers. Today he’ll chat with Török about how to recreate history in a realistic way. 1945 is based on the acclaimed story “Homecoming” by Gábor T. Szántó. 1945 opens today, April 6 at Landmark’s Renaissance Place Cinema and The Music Box Theatre.


Hungarian Filmmaker Ferenc Török