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Andrew Flanagan

A screening and discussion of the series Surviving R. Kelly in New York was canceled, following multiple threats that were called in to the venue hosting the event.
The recording, a single recorded by one of Bowie’s earliest projects The Konrads, was discovered after 55 years by a former bandmate and will go to auction in September.
The streaming giant announced a new policy covering both the content on its platform as well as the conduct of artists it sees as having been “harmful or hateful.”
A North American tour will feature three of the band’s four original members playing its biggest hits — some of alt-rock’s best. But... What even is Smashing Pumpkins?
A man in New York was accused of conning 130 people in a Broadway-ticket reselling scheme. He has pleaded guilty to one charge of securities fraud.
Timberlake will no doubt bring a cavalcade of stars to the program — and try to avoid recalling what happened on the same stage in 2004.
A new company offers regular folks the chance to invest in music, beginning with a slice of Eminem’s work. Art requires risk — but should you take it on?
The singer, inspired as a teen by James Brown, didn’t release his first album until 2011, at the age of 62. For the six years that followed, through a battle with cancer, he never wasted a moment.
Photographs from the Juggalo March, held on Saturday in front of the Lincoln Memorial to protest the Justice Department’s classification of their subculture as a “gang.”
Since its release on Aug. 25, the first single from Reputation has broken records all over the place — and cost the year’s biggest single a historic notch in its belt.
A new report was published Monday based on the account and documentation of Jerhonda Pace, a Chicago woman who says she was victimized by Kelly.
The R&B icon’s concert in Fulton County, Ga., is scheduled to go on despite a local effort to cancel it.
The producer and rapper is hoping to be paid on an insurance claim after he canceled several shows in late 2016.
Jones charged the estate with “disguising” royalties and breaking the terms of his contracts with the King of Pop.
The streaming service has been at the center of a controversy regarding songs made by artists who don’t appear to exist anywhere else on the web. If a song exists, can it be fake?
It was a busy weekend on the internet, full of Beyoncé apologies, platinum record sales, GLAAD endorsements and Prince grievances.
After more than 17 years with the company, Westergren announced he would be stepping down as CEO and exiting the company’s board.
The annual ceremony, held in New York Thursday night, also honored Motown founder Berry Gordy, producer Max Martin, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Babyface and members of the band Chicago.