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Missions Accomplished: The Archive

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#1: ATM: Always Trust Magic

Intermission: Easily Distracted

#2: Let’s Learn a Little Something From Our Kids

Intermission: Elevator Music or Elevating music?

#3: Loose Change the World

Intermission: Today’s Special Because

#4: Do That Thing

Intermission: Why Chairs are Excellent

#5: Make a Grand Gesture

Intermission: Silver Screen Inspiration for Our Valentines Day Mission

#6: Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Intermission: Looking to lose weight? Try out new AtKinship diet

Elevating Music: Elevator Music vs. Elevating Music: One EskimO

#7: Sing with The Beckoning of Lovely

Intermission: Camera shy? Sing into the phone instead!

#8:March Forth

Intermission: Jefferson, Lincoln, & Roosevelt inspire us to ‘March Forth!’

Elevating Music: Hey 19

#9:Make a Wish

Intermission: Wish upon a star(button)

Elevating Music: Califone’s Sunday Noises

#10:Go Nowhere Fast

Intermission: Thoughts from incredibly crowded places

Elevating Music: Gabriel

Video: Amy’s Train Mission

#11:Share Your Experiences about Going Nowhere Fast

Elevating Music: Gotta Be Me

#12:Show and Tell

InterMission: It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

#13:Do Nothing

InterMission: DJ Lance reads “Duck! Rabbit!”

Elevating Music: Just Breathe

#14:Do Cartwheels!

Elevating Music:You Are My Joy

#15:Polaroids! Plus a Video of Cartwheels.

Elevating Music: U Smile

#16: Synchronized Flash Texting

Elevating Music: The Beckoning of Lovely

#17: Let’s Wish Each Other Good Luck!

Elevating Music: Nick Gage: The Yellow Umbrella Music Video

InterMission: Where’s my coffee? and my baby? Plus, music by Nick Gage

Frisbee Friday

#18: Our first ever Blog-a-thon!

Special Tuesday Presentation: Kindness

Frisbee Friday: “With a Little Help from my Friends”

#19: Amy’s Train Mission (and new, very quotable mission)

Elevating Music: Virtual Choir

The Mission Amy K.R. Quote Book

Freaky Friday meets Frisbee Friday

#20: The ‘Soundtrack of Our Lives’

Elevating Music: In 2 part harmony

#21: Would you like Amy to call you/your child/grandchild and read a bedtime story?

Elevating Music: Silent but Rockin’

Frisbee Friday: July in June

#22: Imagine Nation: We are so writing a children’s book together!

Elevating Music + Imagine Nation = our theme song

Frisbee Friday: Aromatic creations

#23: Father’s Day F.I.L.M.

Elevating Music: Sesame Street style

Frisbee Friday: Father’s Day

#24: Let’s be pen-less pals

Followup Questions Pour Vous

Almost Ready to Meet Your Pen-less Pals

#25: The End of the Rainbow

#25a: Rainbow Pots of Gold: Doubled!

#26: Let’s All Make U.S. Soccer Team World Cup... Cakes!

#26a: World Cup Cakes Video is Ready for You (and World)

#27: Get Ready for 7/07: LOL Day

#28: Announcing the World’s First (?) Text Book

#29: New! Apology Phone Line Now Active

Everyone, Please Give a Warm Welcome to Mark and Corey

Would You Like a Little Push

#30: Mission: Pandora

#31: Moon Mission: Take a Giant Step

#32: Operation Parenthood

#32a: Inner Child, Inner Parent

#32b: State of Our Union Address

#32c: Asides of Parenthood

#32d: PARENThetical Thoughts booklet ready

#33: Let’s Create a Brilliant Advertising Campaign Together!

#33a: And Brought to you by. . .

#33b: Product Placement, Mission Amy K.R.-Style

#33c: Teasers

#33d: Signs of Welcome

#33e: That Word/Phrase/Gesture “Serenade” Video is Ready

#33f: Let’s Post Posters

#34: Your Six Words

#34a: My Life in Six Words (and 7 Notes)

#34b: Good Things Come in 6’s

#34c: Emergency Post

#35: Be a Pal

#35a: Be a Pal. . . to Yourself

#35b: Pen-less Pals Update

#35c: The Pal Story

#35d: Our Very Own Mission Amy K.R. Radio Station!

#35e: One Last Pal Thought

#36: A Summery Summary

#36a: How to Save Summer

#36b: Jumping for Joy

#36c: Existential Roll Call

#36d: The End of Our Summer Week

#37: F*ck It List: Top 5 Things You Don’t Want to Do

#37a: Amy Dickinson’s F*ck It List

#37b: John Williams’ F*ck It List

#37c: Tory Malatia’s F*ck It List

#37d: Letting Go of Our F*ck It Lists

#37e: The Official F*ck It List Music Video

#38: Ringing in the New Week

#38a: Ring us Up!

#38b: What’s Ringing Our Bell this Very Minute

#38c: Hear what Rings Your Bell

#39: The Day Money Actually Grew on a Tree

#40: Variety Show: Balloon Video and Another Bell Clue

#41: Introducing Positive Pranking

#41a: There’s Something in the Air

#41b: TP+Tootsie Pop

#41c: John Green’s Tootsie Pop-Flavored Positive Prank

#42: You. Preserving the Here and Now

#42a: We Continue to Preserve the Now

#42b: Framing the Now: A Cancer Survivor’s Perspective

#42c: What Else is‚ There but Love?

#43: 10/10/10 Beckons: An Invitation to You from The Beckoning of Lovely

#43a: Onward!

#43b: Mark’s Final Post, and a Reminder to Come out on 10/10/10

#43c: Sometimes There Are No Words

#44: GraFEETi

#44a: Seven Kinda Important Things You May Not Know

#45: The Skype’s the Limit!

#46: The Mission Amy KR Talent Show

#47: Trick or Tweet

#48: The Train of Thought

#49: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Cool

#50: Videos: Train of Thought & Cool

#51: ATM: Always Trust Magic Cards

#52: Flour Power: Favorite Cookie Recipes (Yum!)

#53: Video: The Beckoning of Lovely 10/10/10

#54: Eight Existential Questions

#54b: Existential Questions Answered in Charts & Graphs

#55: Let’s Create ‘The 2011 Overture’ Together

#56: The Reality Check

Thursday Thingy: The 2011 Overture: First Movements

#57: Introducing...Chip the Monk!

Thursday Thingy: The 2011 Overture

#58: America’s Next Top Mama

Thursday Thingy: Is this simple test to hard for you?

#59: An Ode (Owed) to Our Friends

Thursday Thingy: Your Friendship Video Ode a la Mode

#60: Shout Your Love from the Rooftops!

Thursday Thingy: You. Me. Us. In the Cloud

#61: Introducing the “2 1/2 Minute Tour”!

Thursday Thingy: 3 things expressed in 21 Words

#62: What are your “DO’s, DON’Ts, and DUH’s?

#63: Grip It (or Why Life is Like the Game of Basketball)

Thursday Thingy: DO, DONT and DUH wrap up and invitation

#64: Let’s break the record and do the world’s biggest ‘pinky swear’

Thursday Thingy: 4 important assorted shout-outs

#65: From all of us to the people of Japan

Thursday Thingy: New Episode of You. Me. Us.


Thursday Thingy: What are you on the cusp of?

#67: Are you playing with a full deck?

Thursday Thingy: What would you have done?

#68: If life is a marathon, let’s cheer each other on!

Thursday Thingy: My new favorite video

#69: The crevices of life

Thursday Thingy: The DONE manifesto

#70: Let’s plan a POETree

Thursday Thingy: Billy Collins Action Poetry

#71: Call the Mission Amy KR Hotline

Thursday Thingy: Book + Trailers = Book Trailers

#72: Do you hear that? It’s the REALLY Good Humor truck

Thursday Thingy: What is that you can’t seem to get enough of?

#73: The Truth Fairy

Thursday Thingy: The POETree has blossomed!

#74: The Princess and the Little Pea

Thursday Thingy: Do you know the real story of the alphabet?

#75: Time to relish and catch up!

#76: The world’s very first co-mmencement address

Thursday Thingy: Perhaps the best commencement address ever

#77: Save the world by drawing a cherry

Thursday Thingy: Your Co-mmencement Address is ready

#78: A feature film!

Thursday Thingy: The Cherry Tees are ready! (Sweet!)

#79: A salute to you - for what you do!

Thursday Thingy: OMG how fantastic is this?!

#80: Game on! Princess and the Little Pea scavenger hunt is now underway! (new video)

#81: So how did you two meet?

#82: Video catalogue of an ordinary life, Mission Amy KR-style

Thursday Thingy: The secret word will get you in

#83: Social dining meets social media

#84: Introduction ‘You Tub Project’ (and that’s not a typo!)

Thursday Thingy: The Happy Film

#85: We. Are. All. One.

Thursday Thingy: Intimate gatherings (pull up a chair)

#86: Would you hug a stranger? Would you put your daughter up on a pedestal?

Thursday Thingy: Kairos and Chronos

#87: Introducing the Mission Amy KR “Pie Eating/Thinking Contest

Thursday Thingy: 15 minutes of Ame

#88: Introducing ‘License Plate Positive Pranking’

Thursday Thingy: A couple of wonderful somethings

#89: Flashdance + Flash mob = You’ll just have to watch and see

#90: [Announcing] The Beckoning of Lovely 11/11/11

Thursday Thingy: Say something nice

#91: Leave a cupcake, take a cupcake

Thursday Thingy: I’m pumped. You pumped?

#92: Ziggy & Albert Einstein...together again

#93: The 1st annual MISSion Amy K.R. Beauty Contest

Thursday Thingy: No words

#94: The Great Perhaps

Thursday Thingy: Our most popular recent missions

#95: At the beep, please describe this moment in time

Thursday Thing: The coolest clock EVER!

#96: Come together at The Bean on 11/11/11

Thursday Thingy: A genius interpretation of childhood

#97: Variations on the Money Tree

Thursday Thingy: Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh Wow.

#98: Everything I want to 3 short videos

The Latest
It’s election day, and hundreds of teens are serving as election judges. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a case that could impact more than one million student people in Illinois with college debt. Local groups are stepping up to provide shelter for asylum seekers arriving in Chicago.