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Tanya Ballard Brown

March was the 13th month Chicago saw a decline in gun violence. The city has had a 15 percent drop in crime overall so far this year.
In his new book, Afshin Shahidi, the artist’s personal photographer, shares 250 images covering nearly 10 years of Prince’s storied purple reign.
Despite Tuesday’s terrorist attack the mayor decided not to cancel Sunday’s race, and the NYPD is increasing the number of officers and other safety measures along the course, and around the city.
The powerful NFL owner is the first to suggest there may be repercussions for players who decide to protest during the national anthem.
Wildfires forced residents in the wine country north of San Francisco to flee. At least 10 people have died and Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in eight counties.
Police say suspected gunman Stephen Paddock had “in excess of 10 rifles” in his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. How did he get so many guns to his room without raising suspicion?
Americans’ relationship with guns is complicated and often contentious. But they do agree on restricting sales to people with mental illness or on watch lists.
For this year’s NCAA semifinals two teams are first-timers, one hasn’t been to the Final Four since 1939 and the Tarheels are back for their 20th shot at the championship.
False eyelashes used to be mostly seen on people in movies and were hard to put on and take off. But these days, you can see that red carpet false-eyelash look on people almost anywhere.
Nearly 40 years after it was published, Octavia Butler’s time-travel novel Kindred has been adapted for a modern audience as a graphic novel. But reinterpreting the masterwork was a daunting task.
In a new collection, 16 essayists describe how Michelle Obama helped change the perception of black women and the White House.
The political activist’s fierce opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment is widely credited with its failure to be ratified. Schlafly long championed conservative causes and founded the Eagle Forum.